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Why teeth need to be extracted?

At Sherwood Smiles we aim to save the teeth as much as possible where we can, however extractions (tooth removal) are sometimes an option given to our patients and some reasons may include: wisdom teeth, extensive damage, periodontal disease, infection prevention, non functioning tooth or if there is a vertical crack in a tooth root. 

Some restorative dentistry options could be implemented to replace the missing tooth which include: implants, bridges and dentures. This can be discussed with your Dentist so we find the option most suitable to you!


Aftercare for extraction

After extractions patients are recommended to rest at home.  Our dentist will provide you with all after care information and a phone number that you can call if any major complications arise. 

Tips to Remember:


  • Regular salt water rinses

  • Avoid drinking and rinsing for 2hrs

  • Do not smoke

  • Do not play sport or exercise

  • No alcohol for 24hrs

  • Contact the surgery or your dentist if you have any problems or concerns

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